• Decide which class is best suited for you and your dog (Puppy, Intermediate, etc.
  • Vaccinations required:
    • For puppies who are NOT fully vaccinated yet, we require that they have at least their 2nd round of shots done before starting training with us
    • For dogs who are fully vaccinated, we require the annual DAPP (DA2P, DHPP) vaccine, as well as Rabies
  • Review the calendar(s) of our upcoming class START dates/times (Calendars are located at the top of our webpage)
  • All calendars ONLY show the first class of each 6-week course. Once you select the initial date/time, then each subsequent class will be on the same day of each week, at the same time, with the same instructor
  • Contact us to verify if requested class date(s)/time(s) are available (Email us or call us 520-988-3792)
  • We do NOT issue refunds due to high processing fees. We will be happy to put your payment(s) toward a future service with us.
  • One of our staff members will respond and work with you to get you scheduled for an available class
  • Once you know which class type and which instructor you will have, please proceed back to this webpage to make your payment in order to secure your spot on that roster
  • Download Waiver

    Introduction to training for dogs under 5 months. In the puppy class, we work on the same material as the beginner class, but it is geared towards younger dogs.


    An introduction to training for dogs over 6 months. In the beginner class, we work on basic commands, impulse control, socialization, and strategies for handling unwanted behaviors.


    Increase the challenge of your dog to focus on you and to listen more consistently. (Beginner and/or Puppy Prerequisite or Evaluator approval)

    The intermediate class focuses on strengthening basic commands, walk by handler’s side, challenging impulse control, and challenging distance, distractions, and increased duration.


    At this point, it is a continuing challenge for your dog to practice and perfect commands. (Intermediate Prerequisite or Evaluator approval)

    The advanced class includes beginning preparation for the Canine Good Citizen Test and Introduction to Therapy Dog Evaluations.


    CGC and Therapy Dog Test Prep. (Advanced Prerequisite or Evaluator approval)

    Therapy dog prep includes specialized Preparation for Components of the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or the Therapy Dog Test.


    (Prerequisites are required)

    Please contact Kari Cleland at 520-360-9111


    (Beginner and/or Puppy Prerequisite.)

    Agility includes specialized Agility, on/off leash, for fun, to challenge your dog and to burn energy.


    (Beginner and/or Puppy Prerequisite)

    Tricks are an exciting addition to the training that has already begun; it’s a fun way to challenge mentally, and physically, as well as burning energy.

  • How to Walk Your Dog

    Learn how to properly walk your dog (loose-leash walking skills). Toni will work together with you and your dog. Please contact Toni directly for any additional questions. 520-256-2191 (call or text)